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i confess

OK, I'm going to bust myself. Of course I could blame the Korean wine and all, but I wouldn't do that. I forgot to credit where I found out about the sony boots I linked to in my last post: fj. All I really know about this gentleman is that in his journal he claims to do programming and his lj pic shows a guy with
red hair.

How did I find his lj? Well, messing around I decided to add "anonymous sex" to my lj interests. I guess I should have known, but I was surprised to find that others, of course, had already put this in their interest list. He was one of the random users I clicked on.

Wonders of the internet, eh. I remember when one once well known computer pundit (Jerry Pournelle, who is also a sf writer) mused how the internet and online search tools would be detrimental to serendipity. You know, like just walking down an aisle at a library or book store and happening to see something interesting. Boy was he ever wrong about that, eh. I bet there is a clickers anonymous for those that just can't stop browsing.


ok, now you know.
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