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got loaded 'cause i'm hungry, waiting for teen to arrive home and go out to eat. he bought some high class ramen (fresh, not dried noodles) from the Japanese store near Grand Central station and I bet he will be up for having that for dinner. To do that I would have to clean all the dishes left over from Thursdays dinner and they are still soaking in the sink. being buzzed means i am in the mood for mexican food. got buzzed on Korean herb/rice wine cause that was the only thing i could see as a quick snack in the house. oh, I guess I could have popped some microwave pop corn.

it's been a while since I've been so buzzed. mostly because I've been so broke the last few years and alcohol is expensive calories.

oh, here comes the teen through the front door. i'm sure he is bugged that i sit in the living room at the computer in my undies again. but it's just so comfy that way. pooh. he got a japanese brand of regular dried ramen noodles, and I was in the mood for something nicer. now, where to go for dinner. perhaps the puebla mexican place. had tacos there last night. some guy started talking to me. said he went to pratt institute. worked a few years as a graphic designer. that ran out and now he (he is from guatamala) is doing some sort of social work with immigarants. and now he is off to work in California. I wonder if I will ever return to California. well, perhaps to visit but as lovely is it and some many of the people out there are, i wouldn't want to live there.

ok, a young Peter Tosh is singing 400 years on the cd box.

i'm out for now.

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