nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

a visit

Nearly two weeks in Japan and spent most of the time with family, mostly meeting with them one at a time.

Two high points of trip were meeting with The Wife and her mother.

One was an amazing birthday celebration meal for The Wife's mother paid for by The Wife's brothers with the brothers and their wives and the one niece in attendance. The courses were all between delicious and amazing. The assembled family friendly and jovial for the celebration day. I was happy to be able to join them and gave lots of chocolates with whiskey in them to everyone as my contribution to the day. No pictures worth sharing. Too overwhelmed by the food and the day.

A week later, near end of time of the stay, The Wife and I had dinner with her mother. Pleasant meal, very nice time visiting, but I'm growing more and more conscious at my lack of progress learning Japanese.




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