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Chucho Valdes in New Orleans Nov 19

I don't often hustle people to listen to on the web, I figure that anyone I know that cares about that corner of the music world will already know all about that.

But maybe you might not have noticed that WWOZ and the Jazz and Heritage Foundation will be presenting one of the pillars of modern Afro-Latin jazz, Cuban (yes, he still lives there), Chucho Valdes. It is a free concert, so go if you in NOLA.

concert info:

And listen via radio or the web if you can't go.

WWOZ broadcast information:

Checking his web site I see that he is on a fairly extensive US tour and will be at Carnegie Hall at the beginning of December but you know, New Orleans and all that with its history of twice a day ferry to Havana and bands playing in both places during the teens and twenties of the previous century...
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