nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

maybe a journal after all

Work off and on from 9AM to 3PM. Customer trying to get power back to servers in their datacenter right on the west bank of the Hudson River. Some up, the rest sometime before Monday. Will check back with them on Sunday.

So then to office to check if wife's eye medicine shipment arrived at our warehouse. It has not arrived. It supposedly shipped Friday before the storm, and usually arrives in 3 to 4 days, but now, who knows. We are in process of moving out of the warehouse. I have a computer and some odds and ends still there. Packed them but don't yet know if I am bringing them to the new office where I have much less space or to home where I do already have a little pile of work stuff. After 5 meet wife on 34th for dinner.

I tried to convince wife to go to my regular place in 32nd street little Korea but she wasn't in mood to be flexible from her basic criteria for choice of Saturday night dinner: beer, not spicy, dessert, decent bathroom where she can brush her teeth. So we ended up at O'Reilly's pub on 31th between Broadway and 6th. Dingy look outside, nice bright cozy place inside. Seared tuna and mash for entree, onion soup, salad and a few Smithwicks later we finished with "Irish apple pie" which seems like regular store bought apple pie, heated and placed on top of chocolate lined plate. Tea for her, Irish coffee for me. I think next time she might get Irish coffee herself.

Train ride home was pppppppp painful. No clear announcements about train departures from 34th street which is current origination point for only uptown trains going to Queens. As we were walking along one train, the doors suddenly closed without announcement or signal tone and left us standing there. We went to another platform where a train was waiting to go uptown but it turned out that two other trains came into the station and left before our choice did. No announcement understandable by lay persons (track 2b cleared, blah blah) and no one on platform giving information to passengers. By the time we got to our stop in Queens my bladder was exploding and so after 12 years in the neighborhood I finally got to see what the 74th/Roosevelt subway station bathroom looked like. Small and dirty, what else would it be like? But at least I was spry enough getting of the train and to the loo that I didn't have to dance in place in line. What a relief and then a stop at the grocery store for some basics, and now the end of the day.

We have electricity, we have heat, my feet are dry. Lots of people not very far from me, a few that I know and will be seeing at work on Monday or later cannot say the same.
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