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in the lair of my parents

cripes. i'm 52, about to be 53 and I still feel like a 16 year old sneak using my pop's imac to check in on live journal. Out here in the midlands, in the land of walmart and what's that chicken company? they just about run Arkansas too. interesting in an exotic way to a texas boy who left texas so long ago that it is nearly as exotic here in Oklahoma as it would be for me to visit Nepal. Except I don't have any relatives in Nepal, not that I know of.

I do enjoy the homemade buttermilk pies and the homemade pecan pies (made from pecans gathered from the tree just outside). Nice to visit anyway. Wonder if upon returning to NYC I will feel recharged or just spinning around from reorientation and then back again.

I don't think this entry is making much sense. Apologies, but I do think this entry accurately reflects my mood and state of mind.

In a few days I go down to New Orleans and see if I can give my 15 year old son a bit of a taste of what NOLA is really all about. Great folks back o' town who make great music and great food.

Me, I am an appreciative eater and listener.

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